Watir Day and Selenium Conference .. w00t


What an awesome experience. Despite spending most of it jet-lagged, travelling to San Francisco was such a great experience for me, and helped reaffirm just how strong the Watir and Selenium community is. Without dropping names, some of the experiences I got to enjoy were:

  1. Sharing late night beers and early morning burgers with the leader of Watir development
  2. Pair coding on watir-webdriver performance extensions with the smartest kid in Norway
  3. Finally meeting perhaps the leader of Australian based Watir testing
  4. Eating chinese with the god-father of Watir and hearing some great anecdotes on the origins of Selenium
  5. Shown the light on page objects, opera and superbad with a Polish born American
  6. Hearing about the inner workings of ‘that other browser’ from a genius at Opera
  7. Learning more about the Watir community and getting a thirst for Croatian micro breweries
  8. Meeting my role model in person and perhaps feeling a bit shied by his awesomeness!
  9. Getting some great advice and tips for my own startup
  10. Being awed and perhaps jealous (in a slightly convict vs. colonial way) of the greatest mind behind webdriver

I met many other people whilst there, did tons of late night coding and got to experience public speaking for the first time. A big thank you to all the organisers of #watirday and #seconf. Looking forward to the next!