WatirGrid 1.0.6 released … can haz Selenium?

I’ve just released WatirGrid 1.0.6 which now includes support for Selenium WebDriver… So can I really call it WatirGrid anymore? Realistically the Watir and Selenium projects are headed in the same direction courtesy of WebDriver, so it makes sense to give Watir users (I like to think of them as Ruby users ;)) the option to use Selenium where it best fits.

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Watir Day, WatirGrid and the GRIDinit.iative!

The last few days have been busy for me as I had the privilege to present WatirGrid at the Watirday conference in San Francisco. You can catch the slide deck here in case you couldn’t make it. WatirGrid lets you test Watir in parallel, why not give it a shot yourself?

<sudo> gem install watirgrid

I’m also attending the Selenium Conference which is giving me lots of great ideas and inspiration in the performance & automation space. It’s great to see a greater shift to open source testing tools and some may argue that QTP and the like perhaps could die a graceful death. It’s also been fun meeting the god-father of Selenium and confirming that his choice of product-name really was intended as an antidote to Mercury!
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