Building the Future of Fintech: Why Gender Diversity Matters

Fintech firms of all sizes agree that a commitment to diversity is a social good – but how are they making the business case for building diverse teams?

Why diversity and inclusion matters in the workplace Podcast – Women in Fintech

What do diversity and inclusion mean? As we just celebrated International Women’s Day, Nicky Koopman from AEVI joins Nadia Edwards-Dashti from Harrington Starr to discuss diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Our selection of the best quotes:
Diversity and inclusion quotes: “Diversity & Inclusion should be in your veins and part of your DNA”, “Diversity is a fact inclusion is a choice”.

This podcast features Nicky and Nadia talking of their experiences as women in Fintech, and in the workplace. They touch upon:
– what diversity and inclusion means
– diversity and inclusion for managers
– diversity & inclusion in the workplace

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EPISODE 4 – Diversity and Inclusion: Why Women are core to the Future of Fintech

Is the future of Fintech female? Find out why equality and diversity are so important in this 4th episode of Takeaway by DIGISEQ.

Why Gender Diversity Makes Good Business Sense | Money Mind | Investing In Women

Why investing in women pays off.

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Hack to the Future: Fostering Diversity in Fintech

With a global population of 1.7bn people unbanked, and COVID-related lockdowns restricting physical travel and banks’ openings times, the need to provide financial services solutions such as bill payments and money transfers to remote or underserved communities is high on the agenda.

Smartphone adoption around the world has offered the potential to facilitate basic financial services, connect people and provide alternative access to money, and connectivity to location services via APIs are making localized solutions possible.

Now to drive financial inclusion, and serve a diverse customer base, technology is definitely not enough. The Fintech industry needs to embrace that same diversity and inclusion within its teams, and fintech founders.


Nadia Edwards-Dashti, Founder & Managing Director at Harrington Starr, and host of the Women of Fintech podcast
Sharon Doherty, Chief People and Places Officer at Finastra
Cecil Adjalo, Director of Operations at Foundervine
Christophe Langlois, Global Fintech Ecosystem Marketing Lead at Finastra [HOST]

Throughout this session, we’ll explore the key challenges the industry faces to drive more diversity, as well as some practical tips and recommendations to be a more inclusive space.

Together, let’s redefine finance for good

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