FinTech & InsurTech LIVE: Diversity in the sector

FinTech & InsurTech LIVE Fintech Leader’s panel discussion looks at diversity in the workplace and applying those principles to the customer space

FinTech & Financial Services: Is innovation and disruption within the insurance industry possible?

FinTech & Financial Services: Is innovation and disruption within the insurance industry possible?

What demands have insurance companies been facing since the pandemic? How is digitalisation going to alter the insurance experience in Europe? This session looks at how people’s behaviour…

Christopher Oster, Dr. – Co-Founder and CEO, Clark
Parul Kaul-Green – Board member UK Insurtech board, Tech Nation, Chief of Staff APAC and Europe AXA XL
Bola Adegbulu – Entrepreneur In Residence & Venture Partner, Cisco

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The Fintech Show: The Implementation of AI In Banking & Insurance

Another exciting episode of the Fintech Show. In this episode, Fintech Finance News will be focusing on the implementation of artificial intelligence in the banking and insurance industries, and the key challenges faced by these institutions.

To get a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with AI in banking, Fintech Finance News travelled across the globe to speak with some of the industry’s leading experts. From New York, to London & Switzerland. They caught up with Roque Martinez from SmartStream Technologies, Ericson Chan from the Zurich Insurance Group and Ash Booth from HSBC.

Future scoping the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the FinTech/InsurTech Sector Webinar

�� AI and the future; featuring research from the UK and City of London and the insurance industry, synthetic data and AI.
�� FinTech/InsurTech and the regions; reviewing the development of a cluster in the Southeast region and our emerging Northwest city region.
�� Future of FinTech/InsurTech; a panel discussion with experts and industry leaders in the fields of innovation, data, and AI across FinTech/InsurTech.

How Fintech is Transforming the Insurance Industry

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Fintech has been disrupting the financial industry in recent years, and now it’s transforming the insurance industry. Join us as we explore how fintech is changing the way insurance is bought, sold, and managed, and what it means for the future of insurance.

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