London fintechs flock to Lithuania post-Brexit

Following the UK’s exit from the EU, several prominent London fintechs have announced plans to relocate or create new headquarters on the continent…

UK fintechs seek cure for Brexit in Lithuania – Outside Views

UK fintechs seek cure for Brexit in Lithuania – Outside Views

Thanks in part to Brexit, Lithuania is becoming a fintech hub as a growing number of UK-linked digital financial companies are getting licenses there so they can continue to operate in the European Union.
The Baltic eurozone state with a population about a third the size of London is now leading the EU in fintech with over 230 companies, according to the Invest Lithuania government agency.
Some two dozen have links to Britain.

Brexit happened on January 31st 2020 when the United Kingdom formally left the institutions of the European Union. And I give you some outside views on it.

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Lithuania: Fintech gateway to Europe

In difficult times, Fintech plays a vital role in providing remote access to financial services. We remain committed to bringing you essential news and information on the latest developments.

As Europe’s second-largest Fintech hub, with growth in the number of Fintechs last year of 24%, Lithuania is at the forefront of Fintech innovation. Gintarė, Head of the Technology team at Invest Lithuania, explains.

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Revolut Secures European Banking Licence (Fintech Insider Podcast Ep. 279)

Our hosts Simon and Leda are joined by two great guests, Livia Benisty, Head of Financial Crime at ComplyAdvantage and Ryan Edwards-Pritchard, MD at Funding Options.

Revolut has secured a European banking licence from authorities in Lithuania, allowing them to start offering current accounts and loans across the EU from early next year. Initial focus on Lithuania, where it has about 150,000 customers, before expanding into larger markets including the UK, France and Poland later next year. However, its plans to offer full banking services in its home market could be delayed in the event of a disorderly Brexit if financial firms lose the right to serve retail customers on licences granted in the rest of the EU.


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Fintech talent in Lithuania: new report out now

With COVID-19 testing the skills and ingenuity of industries worldwide, Lithuania’s sector has proved it has the talent to thrive – even in difficult times.

With a pool of 38,000 ICT specialists, Lithuania’s Fintech sector is built on diverse, multi-disciplinary teams – and the EU’s highest share of women in tech. Rugilė, Senior Fintech Investment Advisor at Invest Lithuania, explains the power of Lithuanian talent.

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