People 'doubling down' on fintech use, Plaid survey claims

Consumers are "doubling down" on their use of fintech apps and digital tools despite growing financial pressure, according to the latest survey from Plaid.

CNBC TechCheck+ chats with Plaid CEO Zach Perret on his 2023 fintech predictions — 1/24/23

CNBC’s Deirdre Bosa and Kate Rooney sit down live with Plaid co-founder and CEO Zach Perret from CNBC’s San Francisco bureau. Join us and ask questions as Zach shares his biggest fintech predictions for the year ahead.

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CNBC TechCheck+ chats with Plaid CEO Zach Perret on his 2023 fintech predictions — 1/24/23

Account Funding with Chime

Tune in to hear Zach Smith (SVP Product, Chime), and Matt McGowan (Commercial Sales Leader, Plaid) discuss how to transform your digital onboarding flow.

In this tech talk you’ll hear:
* Industry trends and headwinds faced by financial institutions
* The right metrics to help you increase your conversion rate
* A blueprint for a project plan to begin your digital transformation
* The latest technology to help customers fund new accounts in seconds

What is Plaid Technologies? The App To Bank Software

What is Plaid Technologies? The App To Bank Software. What is Plaid? Who Founded Plaid? When was Plaid founded? Will Plaid IPO in 2022? What does Plaid Do? How does Plaid work? How does Plaid make money? In this video, we answer all questions surrounding what is Plaid, the financial services technology that connects your apps to your bank accounts to ensure everything runs smoothly. Why Was Plaid Founded? Plaid was founded by William Hockey & James Perret as they struggled to gain information from banks. Now Plaid acts as an intermediary between banks and apps to share confidential user data seamlessly and quickly without you ever knowing. You may have never seen or heard of Plaid but investors have! Plaid have raised almost $1 billion at a valuation of $13.5 billion with a Plaid IPO expected in 2022. But at what valuation? Who knows, let us know what you think in the comments below as we answer the question of What is Plaid.

Here’s How It Happened

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Full Auth Coverage with Plaid

Tyler Nappy, one of Plaid’s amazing Sales Engineers, explains how to support 100% of your user’s accounts when obtaining account and numbers via Plaid’s Auth product.

See this guide for technical instructions on how to integrate each of these flow: